The Beautiful Bedroom with Doorless Shower

We know that shower is the part of bedroom design. To get more beauty, you need to bring more decorations in your shower design. Do not be worry, we will show you some references in here. Check this out.

The first picture realizes your imagination about beautiful doorless shower that looks much more beautiful with glass room separation. What glass that matches well? White transparent glass design is beautiful idea to be matched. Even it is okay to give some ornament over your glass doorless shower design. Apply different ceramic application in your bathroom flooring is the next idea that is well tried to beautify your bathroom design.

Move to the second picture, you will get the impression of unique artistic doorless shower design is set in circle shape. It is just as the previous design which is glass material is used to separate the bathroom space. In the flooring design, wooden plaster is the nice mate to be your circle-glass doorless shower. Then, gray marble design in the wall is the next complement that you can do over your bathroom. However it look so small space, you can solve it by setting minimalist bathroom furniture inside your shower room.

Now we go to the third picture and it is just fast to find how the luxurious bathroom with small doorless shower. To realize your luxurious design, you can apply naturalistic-marble design in your wall-finishing concept. Here, you could build a wall to separate the bedroom space. For the flower itself, you can set big flower design above your doorless shower bathroom. For more information, this is well-applied in the long space bedroom.

After this article, there will be no more important thing than your bravery to apply your lovely doorless design by yourself. Trust me, it is not bad idea to try it because beautiful result waits you already.

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