Storage Ideas for Creating Multifunctional Small Bathroom

I start this article with an analogy that you can save your money in so many banks. I mean, you can store your stuffs within so many options that you can have, include for your small bathroom. Here we go.

The idea that you can read the magazine even when you are in the bathroom can be found in the first picture. It is just easy to realize it because you just need to set bookshelf application near your closet. You still can make it much more beautiful with giving white color finishing for your bookshelf.

Since we move to the second bathroom, we have been amazed by how the arrangement of big storage design that is used big cabinet. This big cabinet does not stand alone because it can be used as your bathroom vanity, too. However, this is in the bathroom, you can create personal privacy over your bathroom storage with door applications. Because this bathroom storage is also used as the vanity, lighting design is important and white lamp above your cabinet is the best one to create more lights in your bathroom.

The third bathroom storage is like telling us that storage is not always about cabinet or box. This storage design shows us the innovation of small storage with using wooden material. You can use this small bathroom storage to store up your towels and bottles. Expressing your artistic soul is going to be the next beautiful decoration and it can be expressed by shaping your bathroom storage into the half circle shape. Then, the top side of your storage is still could be used to place the washbasin.

In the end of this article, I hope you have found the idea that you will set in your bathroom. Last but not least, small bathroom is not the reason to make it looks so beautiful.

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