HEMNES is a series of living room furniture from IKEA. The furniture includes various pieces, including bookcases, cabinets, sofa tables and coffee tables. In this post, I want to focus discussing the HEMNES coffee table. If you want to know more information about this cool living room furniture, just keep on reading!

IKEA HEMNES coffee table may
be small in size, but it has bold elegant look because it’s made of solid wood.
The piece is certainly also able to create natural feel in a living room. Often
coming with built-in storage, you can use a HEMNES coffee table not only for
putting a cup of tea, but also for keeping some magazines or books. In other
words, the furniture is functional enough. It’s very suitable for decorating a
modern or minimalist living room.

There are two choices of color for HEMNES coffee table: black and white. However, most people tend to have greater interest with the black one because it’s considered more awesome and elegant. The picture displayed presents a black HEMNES coffee table with bottom shelf in a minimalist living room. The piece is set in front of a small beige sofa and standing on a gray rug. It has rectangular shape that looks so interesting.

It’s a white HEMNES coffee
table that has square shape. The piece also comes with bottom shelf, so that it
can be used for storing books and wicker storage baskets. Vases of pink flowers
are put on the table to make it appear more beautiful. The coffee table stands
nicely on a gray rug and surrounded by gray sofa, wicker chair and white
ottoman. If you are interested to purchase HEMNES coffee table, just visit your
nearest IKEA store! You may choose to IKEA website if there is no any IKEA
store in your town.