The Beautiful Bedroom with Doorless Shower

We know that shower is the part of bedroom design. To get more beauty, you need to bring more decorations in your shower design. Do not be worry, we will show you some references in here. Check this out.

The first picture realizes your imagination about beautiful doorless shower that looks much more beautiful with glass room separation. What glass that matches well? White transparent glass design is beautiful idea to be matched. Even it is okay to give some ornament over your glass doorless shower design. Apply different ceramic application in your bathroom flooring is the next idea that is well tried to beautify your bathroom design.

Move to the second picture, you will get the impression of unique artistic doorless shower design is set in circle shape. It is just as the previous design which is glass material is used to separate the bathroom space. In the flooring design, wooden plaster is the nice mate to be your circle-glass doorless shower. Then, gray marble design in the wall is the next complement that you can do over your bathroom. However it look so small space, you can solve it by setting minimalist bathroom furniture inside your shower room.

Now we go to the third picture and it is just fast to find how the luxurious bathroom with small doorless shower. To realize your luxurious design, you can apply naturalistic-marble design in your wall-finishing concept. Here, you could build a wall to separate the bedroom space. For the flower itself, you can set big flower design above your doorless shower bathroom. For more information, this is well-applied in the long space bedroom.

After this article, there will be no more important thing than your bravery to apply your lovely doorless design by yourself. Trust me, it is not bad idea to try it because beautiful result waits you already.

Bottle Chandelier Design

When we heard the word chandelier, we will remember with beautiful hanging lamp design. But there are so many another choices that we can apply about chandelier design. Here we will find about bottle chandelier design for modern room design.

The first picture shows us about simple bottle chandelier that is applied in simple chandelier design. You can realize it with beer bottles as your basic chandelier concept. It is of course still needs the light and you can set it inside the bottle. To support your bottle chandelier construction, you can set an iron railing above it. Sure, it is still beautiful.

In the second picture, just get ready to welcome to bottle-hanging lamp chandelier design. Here, choosing different bottle sizes and styles are the next beautiful completion. You can also create artistic nuance with cut your bottle and let it half then you can use the rest space to set your lamp. Talking about the lamp, you can set it in different color application. To bring more beautiful chandelier nuance, it is nice to set your half bottle chandelier design with robe complement to hang your lamp. For the color design, semi transparent coloring design is the best.

In the third picture, you can find that bottle chandelier can be applied in the big design. Of course you need to give more decoration and shape it with circle railing design with railing application above. Just let it in its original bottle design and its label. In the middle of your circle bottle chandelier, you can set more additional decoration with big green lamp design. This is well applied in your open kitchen design or bar design.

Well, bottle chandelier design is going to be yours soon. What you need to do is applying it by yourself in your own room. Since lighting is not always about lighting, and bottle chandelier design is your answer.

High Quality IKEA HEMNES Coffee Table Made of Solid Wood

HEMNES is a series of living room furniture from IKEA. The furniture includes various pieces, including bookcases, cabinets, sofa tables and coffee tables. In this post, I want to focus discussing the HEMNES coffee table. If you want to know more information about this cool living room furniture, just keep on reading!

IKEA HEMNES coffee table may be small in size, but it has bold elegant look because it’s made of solid wood. The piece is certainly also able to create natural feel in a living room. Often coming with built-in storage, you can use a HEMNES coffee table not only for putting a cup of tea, but also for keeping some magazines or books. In other words, the furniture is functional enough. It’s very suitable for decorating a modern or minimalist living room.

There are two choices of color for HEMNES coffee table: black and white. However, most people tend to have greater interest with the black one because it’s considered more awesome and elegant. The picture displayed presents a black HEMNES coffee table with bottom shelf in a minimalist living room. The piece is set in front of a small beige sofa and standing on a gray rug. It has rectangular shape that looks so interesting.

It’s a white HEMNES coffee table that has square shape. The piece also comes with bottom shelf, so that it can be used for storing books and wicker storage baskets. Vases of pink flowers are put on the table to make it appear more beautiful. The coffee table stands nicely on a gray rug and surrounded by gray sofa, wicker chair and white ottoman. If you are interested to purchase HEMNES coffee table, just visit your nearest IKEA store! You may choose to IKEA website if there is no any IKEA store in your town.

Mooi Random Light Design

The basic idea of light is for lighting needs and to shine up the room. In the other hand it is not only for lighting itself but also could be nice idea of beautiful completion in your room.

When we see the first picture, we will be surprised that mooi random light concept is could be luxurious decoration in the living room design. The first that you need to do is applying mooi hanging lamp design with white glass material. Next, set your mooi hanging lamp randomly in its size and length. For the hanger design, white chain is the nice idea then.

Since we are in very beginning of the second picture, we are welcomed by artistic mooi hanging lamp design. Again, apply your artistic mooi lighting in several size and length is still the beautiful idea. For the lamp, white-lighted lamp is going to bring beautiful lights together with your mooi lamp design. Next, choosing semi transparent black glass material is the nice complement. Set an iron rail above your mooi lighting is the luxurious idea. To make you easy, it is well-applied for long dining room design.

In the third picture, we will meet with modern mooi random light design that is realized with two-big tubular lamps design. Even though, you can give some line motifs in its display to beautify the shine of your mooi tubular lighting ideas. Because its theme is random, set your two lamps in different sizes and styles. For the placement, just put your tubular mooi lamp in low clearance from the table. Well, this is no longer lighting because it is also beautiful decoration.

In the end, let’s stop imagining about the lighting, as you realize your mooi random light design, you will see how the beauty of completing your room just based on lighting design.

Affordable Countertops Makes Luxurious Kitchen

Luxurious kitchen, there is no something wrong to create luxurious kitchen. Here I stand to support that idea and I have affordable countertops idea to realize luxurious countertops dream.

Since we see the first kitchen from the very beginning, we can see the idea that luxurious kitchen does not always need expensive material. The answer of simple affordable countertops design is real in the first picture. It is just simple care with the covering the kitchen table with white granite countertop material. The more idea about affordable countertops can be found in the use of stainless steel material in order to complete the white-granite affordable countertops.

Next, the first impression can be seen in the black-marble stuffs to create affordable countertops design. It is not only for your kitchen table but also it is well tried in the top side of your kitchen vanity and kitchen cabinet. This affordable countertops design also brings the multifunctional idea with se the washbasin in the middle of your kitchen table. Here, as we seen in the second kitchen room, this is good applied in square kitchen design. You are also able to express your artistic soul with choosing wooden stuffs in your kitchen table and kitchen cabinet.

For the next kitchen, the use of soapstone material to covering the top side of kitchen table creates the imagination about modern affordable countertops. Is this design beautiful for your kitchen already? The another modern nuance can be created over the option of using light-soapstone color in your kitchen. If you have an idea about combination, let’s realize it with complete your soapstone affordable countertop with white color finishing in the kitchen cabinet’s door.

After thru all this reference, see back over your kitchen and decide what you can do over your countertop design. You know the best for it and you will get the best later, too.

Benches Application for Master Bedroom

Master bedroom is sure different from the kid bedroom and another bedroom. And of course it has different style in its furniture. In this article, I bring an idea about bench application for your master bedroom.

Let’s find the imagination that simple bench application is the nice to be combined with modern bed frame design. The same color finishing in your bench and your bed frame is the most important thing to beautify your master bedroom design. It is also okay to apply sofa touch in your bench bedroom design.

Move to the second picture, we are going to see that modern nuance can be realized in the bench bedroom application. The first idea that you can apply is set white color finishing in your bench. Next, grey nuance can be combined above your bench and it is going to be looked as modern one. How about with the place? Just make it right in the front side of your master bed frame. You can also use it for storage design with give some shelves in the bottom side with the door application. Giving some black color linings are the smart completion in order to beautify your bench bedroom design.

Now we go to the third picture and just be ready to see how the luxury of simple bench application in the grey bed design. Even you can apply it in small size. Although it is just simple but you can bring luxurious nuance by the application of black-grey color design over there. Some carving design in your bench frame design is the next perfect complement that you could bring in order to beautify your luxurious-simple bench bedroom design.

After you finish reading this article, just be ready to choose which is your favorite design. Match it with your style and remember what beauty you will get before and after applying the bench bedroom design. Good luck.

Beautiful Unique Bathroom Vanities

Furniture in standard bathroom is washbasin, tub, and so many others. Yes it is the standard. How if you want get out from the standard? Unique bathroom vanities is your solution that can might help you.

Let’s start with the first picture and you are going to be in the bathroom with unique bathroom vanities that is using wooden material. For maximum beautiful decoration, you can combine light-wooden color application. Well, this kind of design is nicely set in your small bathroom design and then realizes it in small unique bathroom vanities.

In the bathroom design, the simple unique bathroom vanities with minimalist modern nuance can be found well in the second picture. It is just easy to realize your modern nuance because you just need to give marble finishing in the top side. Over your marble design, grey light color finishing is the nice complement over there. Even you do not need no more color design because it is already being the luxurious unique bathroom vanities.

Move to the third one, and you are going to have an imagination about minimalist unique bathroom vanity with free place washbasin. Even though it is minimalist, you can set multifunctional design with set storage design with door application in the side of your unique bathroom vanity design. Let’s talk about the color design and white color application in your washbasin is the very nice completion over your bathroom vanity. Then, modern wooden style finishing in your unique vanity is the next idea that you can apply. If you get the problem about its placement, you can set it in wide bathroom design.

Well, what you find it here is just the reference and it is still imagination. How to realize it to the reality is based on your bravery to apply it in your own bathroom. Let’s be brave and make it real. Good luck then.

Marvelous L Shaped Sofa Designs Providing Space Saving Seating in Rooms

L-shaped sofa is compact furniture suitable for a small room. The seating doesn’t take up much space, but it has the ability to accommodate several persons at the same time. If you have decorated a room with an L-shaped sofa, then you may don’t need additional seating there. People often set an L-shaped sofa in the corner of a room, but the furniture piece actually can suit any space.

It’s good idea to decorate a dark room with a white L-shaped sofa. The white seating will create lovely look in the room while providing adequate and comfortable seating. Thus, people of all ages will love to spend their time there. Putting gray pillows on the white L-shape sofa will enhance its beauty and comfort. For creating more interesting look, you may lay a rug on floor near the furniture piece.

If a room is dominated by white color, then a dark L-shaped sofa will be the best seating there. The next picture presents a dark gray L-shaped sofa in a room with white walls and floor. The seating helps to avoid the space from stark and cold impression. It also brings awesomeness and elegance there. A few small pillows complement the sofa, so that it must be able to deliver great comfort. Black floor lamp and shelving unit flanking the sofa create bolder elegant feel in the room. The dark gray L-shaped sofa also fuses with a narrow but long gray rug.

The next picture also shows you an L-shaped sofa in dark tone. However, the seating comes with leather upholstery. Set before a gray-painted brick wall of a modern room, the dark leather L-shaped sofa appears so impressive. It combines nicely with a small rug in gray and white tones. If you require effective seating in a small room, I really suggest you to use an L-shaped sofa.

Great Kitchen Countertop Materials Offering Beauty and Durability

If certain materials can be made to have flat surface, then you may use them as kitchen countertop. However, the materials ideally should also be hard. Thus, they can last for many years. It will be much better if the materials are beautiful in appearance because they are helpful to enhance kitchens. In this post, I want to share a few ideas on kitchen countertop materials.

Wood is one of the lovable materials for kitchen countertops because it can be obtained easily. The material is hard enough, but a carpenter will be able to shape it into any forms by using some tools. There are even various types and colors of wood, from the dark ones to the light ones. Each type or color will bring different impression into a kitchen. Any wooden countertop certainly will also create natural and warm atmosphere.

If you require beauty and luxury in your kitchen, I will suggest you to install marble countertop. White marble will be the best choice if you also want to create cleaner and brighter impression. For inducing elegance, you may combine the white marble kitchen countertop with black base. As a metamorphic rock composed of dolomite or limestone, marble also offers high durability. You won’t go wrong if you decide to use marble countertop.

Another great material for kitchen countertop is granite. Just like marble, granite is also a natural rock. However, many people have admitted that granite is much more beautiful and harder. The material even has high resistant to heat and scratch. Thus, granite countertop can serve as an excellent work surface in any kitchens. Granite also comes in various colors. The picture displayed shows you a cream granite countertop in a traditional-style kitchen. It’s very wonderful, right? Each material for kitchen countertop has its own characteristic and beauty; just choose the one that really suits your interest!

Storage Ideas for Creating Multifunctional Small Bathroom

I start this article with an analogy that you can save your money in so many banks. I mean, you can store your stuffs within so many options that you can have, include for your small bathroom. Here we go.

The idea that you can read the magazine even when you are in the bathroom can be found in the first picture. It is just easy to realize it because you just need to set bookshelf application near your closet. You still can make it much more beautiful with giving white color finishing for your bookshelf.

Since we move to the second bathroom, we have been amazed by how the arrangement of big storage design that is used big cabinet. This big cabinet does not stand alone because it can be used as your bathroom vanity, too. However, this is in the bathroom, you can create personal privacy over your bathroom storage with door applications. Because this bathroom storage is also used as the vanity, lighting design is important and white lamp above your cabinet is the best one to create more lights in your bathroom.

The third bathroom storage is like telling us that storage is not always about cabinet or box. This storage design shows us the innovation of small storage with using wooden material. You can use this small bathroom storage to store up your towels and bottles. Expressing your artistic soul is going to be the next beautiful decoration and it can be expressed by shaping your bathroom storage into the half circle shape. Then, the top side of your storage is still could be used to place the washbasin.

In the end of this article, I hope you have found the idea that you will set in your bathroom. Last but not least, small bathroom is not the reason to make it looks so beautiful.