Bottle Chandelier Design

When we heard the word chandelier, we will remember with beautiful hanging lamp design. But there are so many another choices that we can apply about chandelier design. Here we will find about bottle chandelier design for modern room design.

The first picture shows us about simple bottle chandelier that is applied in simple chandelier design. You can realize it with beer bottles as your basic chandelier concept. It is of course still needs the light and you can set it inside the bottle. To support your bottle chandelier construction, you can set an iron railing above it. Sure, it is still beautiful.

In the second picture, just get ready to welcome to bottle-hanging lamp chandelier design. Here, choosing different bottle sizes and styles are the next beautiful completion. You can also create artistic nuance with cut your bottle and let it half then you can use the rest space to set your lamp. Talking about the lamp, you can set it in different color application. To bring more beautiful chandelier nuance, it is nice to set your half bottle chandelier design with robe complement to hang your lamp. For the color design, semi transparent coloring design is the best.

In the third picture, you can find that bottle chandelier can be applied in the big design. Of course you need to give more decoration and shape it with circle railing design with railing application above. Just let it in its original bottle design and its label. In the middle of your circle bottle chandelier, you can set more additional decoration with big green lamp design. This is well applied in your open kitchen design or bar design.

Well, bottle chandelier design is going to be yours soon. What you need to do is applying it by yourself in your own room. Since lighting is not always about lighting, and bottle chandelier design is your answer.

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